FileIce Downloader

Fileice Downloader

Fileice downloader wil download the file from fileice server it wil bypass the fileice server and download the file from the server, this Tool works 100% has been tested and no bugs found, why fileice Downloader? this tool is very easy to easy and get the download faster, dont spent more time to complete the survey the fileice downloader wil download it for you, and yes this tool is 100% safe to use and has no virus the code is 100% clean, How to use the fileice Downloader first open the downloader then paste the fileice url then press the download button and wait some sec bem! the download wil begin, Fileice Downloader faste way to get you download.  Fileice Downloader.

Bypass Fileice Surveys

Fileice Downloader has good features the team work hard to coding this and bypass the fileice server with this features this tool work better check out fileice downloader features

  • Fileice security Bypass
  • Fileice Ban Detect
  • Fileice Server Api
  • Crash Detect
  • Auto error detect
  • Auto Downloader
  • Auto Updater
  • New - Mirror Downloader
- Added Url Support
- Crashing Error Fixed - Reported by: Shinj
- New - works on Mac
- Updated - Fileice security Bypass
- Updated fileice changes

New  features in V5

Not done yet

  • Proxy Support
  • Cleanfile Downloader
  • Auto Detect Api

News December 2013

- Fixed Downloading bug
- Added new mirror support

Release V5 15 july 2013

- Cleanfiles Downloader Fully Working
- Sharecash Injection server Added
- Fileice Security Bypass Fixed

News 25 july 2013

- Support added
- Some bugs fixed

News 15 Oct 2013
- Fixed Download Error
- Bypass Update
- Fixed Smal Bug

FileIce Downloader Download

Download Fileice Downloader today and get the Download fast from fileice this fileice downloader works 100% has been fully tested by our team click on the download button to download fileice Downloader.

Fileice Downloader Updated

Please complete a smal survey to support fileice downloader Development Team we work hard te keep the fileice downloader uptodate and we release new features, Thanks you for support us.  .

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